Monday, March 9, 2009

Control Freaks

Have you ever noticed how many control freaks there are in the world? You can even see them from a remote location! They are the ones who will always try to tell you when it is time to eat and that you are completely mistaken if you think that food time is variable. They insist that you feed them at certain times and that you move from "their" spot, wherever that may be. They think that they own the magazines in your house and they tend to hog the remote controls. They pretend that they hadn't noticed your absence, while at the same time trying to guilt you for taking so long to get home. They walk all over you and demand affection, even when it is not a convenient time. They are control freaks.

"Knock, knock! Now you say who's there? CONTROL FREAK! Now LAUGH!!!! HAHAHAHA!"

Blessed Be

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Beata said...

Quite the feline 'freak' you have there. Cute :)