Monday, March 9, 2009

Many People

"The truth of life is only revealed through exchanges between many individuals." Francois Cheng.

I think often about how many people I have met along my earthwalk. The faces seem endless and the memories varied. What has always stuck with me is how often there are similarities in consciousness between individuals that haven't even yet met each other. Someone says something to me and I realize that those very words could easily have come from someone else that I know, or even from myself. It is amazing to me how a single seed of thought can grow through simple exchanges between people. This is why those who are considered to be totally wacked one minute become geniuses the next minute. What is inspiration, when spoken out loud, soon becomes criticized and then condemned until, finally, it becomes common knowledge. As it becomes common knowledge it becomes known as "truth".

This is also why one person's story can resonate so much with that of another person. We have common ground in our stories. We learn similar things in similar ways, even if the specific situations and the people who were involved were different. When I tell a story of my life in a group I am always pleased and astounded by how many people can completely relate to the story as if it were their own because of the similarities and the lessons that we have gleaned as a result of the situations. As these truths mingle in the soup of humanity, the flavours deepen and the aroma becomes exquisite. And we are all fed by that soup.

Blessed Be

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