Saturday, March 7, 2009

Water Karma

Close to midnight last night my Love asked me to come into the kitchen and let her know if it was the refrigerator that was making a strange sound. I went into the kitchen and discovered that the apartment above us had torrential water running. A call to the caretakers informed us that the people above us had a water pipe burst and that they were working on it as we spoke. Just after hanging up the phone, our wall began to imitate a water fountain. You know the kind. It is shaped like a stone or glass wall and the water runs down into a pool at the bottom. A very cool effect, if it is actually a fountain. But when it is water that is not supposed to be there and it is pooling in your kitchen, running through the walls and leaking out the fuse box in the storage room, things get a wee bit exciting. A few minutes after that, we had people from the floor below us and the floor below them knocking on our door because they were flooding as well. The water actually went all the way down 17 floors to the parkade. Now, why a pipe could not have erupted on just the 1st floor and not the 17th we will never know. It might be a Murphy's Law type of event. The effect was, shall we say, thorough.

I thought that I was over my water karma. Every place that I have lived in has had things like water pipes burst, hot water heaters erupt and water tables rise so high that it floods the house. I am beginning to wonder if I am actually supposed to live in a boat house! I have done the karmic release around past lives that have ended badly with water being what has transitioned me from one life to the next. I have released the karma around being killed by creatures that live in the water. I have even release the karma around being baptized against my will. So what is left? These are the things that I am pondering (pardon the pun) today. In the meantime, I will continue to do my best to go with the flow.

Blessed Be

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