Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Simple things

Nature is so beautiful in its simplicity. This always inspires me to keep my life as simple as I can. These days, that is not quite so easy as my Love and I are packing up our one bedroom apartment and getting ready to move into our new house. This is a wee bit overwhelming as the move is happening in less that 2 weeks. But if we keep things as simple as we can, then we will be able to accomplish this task.

The simplicity aspect is actually more of a state of mind. When we reduce things to the easiest factor, then simplicity is a result. Keeping things basic and uncluttered mentally helps us to do the same with our environments and with our tasks. Ya, wish me luck with that!

Blessed Be

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Gail said...

Simplicity is complexity reduced to its individual parts.

Penny said...

I like that Gail. Kind of like the old adage "one step at a time".

Riverwolf, said...

Best wishes on your move.