Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Totally Zen Experience

This is the Zen garden that is now in my office. It was on my computer desk at home, but I found that sand in a keyboard is not conducive to a functional computer. The box for it is made of pottery and my eldest daughter created it in her pottery class a few years ago. I keep it at the office because this is the candle I will light when I am sending her loving, healing energy. It also serves to just remind me of her throughout the day. The sand is the meditation in and of itself. The teeny weeny rake that is in the top left corner is what I use to rake the sand during the meditation.

I enjoy the Zen garden because it calms me. When I was a kid and a teenager, I was always stirring the sugar bowl at the table. This calmed me as well. It annoyed others, but it calmed me. So when I discovered the Zen garden and the art that it was and the benefits of contemplation and meditation that it promotes, I dove in with both feet (or should I say "fingers")! A Zen garden does not have to be large at all. This one is about 6 inches square. I have seen some that are the size of our new back yard. That is a little much and, the way I see it, as beautiful as it is, that size requires constant work and is like a 5 star hotel for ants and a community washroom for neighbourhood cats. Just a plain old serving bowl will do for a Zen garden. There are a couple of things to be aware of, though. First, the finer the sand the better when stirring and raking. Second, add some stones, shells or a candle for artistic effect. Third, it will take you into an altered state. Fourth, it can be addictive. With all the bad stuff that there is to become addicted to, I figure a Zen garden is the least of anyone's worries!

Blessed Be

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Penny said...

My first word when I saw that picture was WOW!! You have a very artistic eldest daughter. Will ask to have a closer look at the Zen garden when I'm in your office.

Kate said...

Beautiful Zen Garden, Trent. You've reminded me that I can still create a small zen garden for myself despite having a near crawling baby in the house! (I'll just put it up high!) Thanks for the inspiration! = ) Kate