Sunday, September 13, 2009

Creative Workings

Along the three-fold path to illumination and enlightenment, the first path is that of creativity. When we create something....anything....we connect to Spirit. Have you ever noticed how completely absorbed in the creative process a child can be while making a sand castle? That is connection to Spirit. Their creativity should never be limited to molds and pails and shovels. They need to be allowed to just make the sand castle with their bare hands, feeling the wet sand with their fingertips and under their fingernails. It connects them to the earth and to the inspiration that Spirit has to offer them.

It doesn't even matter if the creation is something that lasts or something that is transitory. I sometimes prefer the things I have created to only be there for a short time. That is part of why I enjoy making sand castles just as much as my daughter does. It is magnificent, just like a sunset, and then it is gone, only to be recreated in another form at a later time. Sand castle building, like painting, carpentry, and welding, is a meditative process that can lead to some radical insights. Creativity does not need to be limited to artistic things. Sometimes it is just the way you put together an outfit or jewelry, or the way you choose to wash your car by hand. Simple, ordinary creativity is the first of the three-fold path.

Blessed Be
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