Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Your Own 2 Feet

About 18 years ago I was demonstrating an exercise for a client. This exercise was designed to help release old programs that were stored on a cellular level in the body. As I bent over to show the client how to do this particular exercise I was suddenly struck by my father's voice saying, "You'll never stand on your own two feet." I allowed myself to breathe for a moment, then came out of the stretch, tears in my eyes, and explained what just happened to my client. She couldn't wait to try the exercise for herself and see what would come up for her.

Later, I did some work on this program to further facilitate the release of this negative program. I am still not sure if my father ever actually said those words to me. But somehow it was his voice and it was something that I definitely integrated as a belief system on a cellular level. Perhaps I heard him say those words, but not to me? I don't know. Anyway, the thing is that over the years I have revisited this belief and done more release of this program. These things sometime take a little time to completely eradicate from the body and the mind.

My sweet revenge, however, is that, whether or not those words had been directed at me, I am now a very successful owner and operator of my own business. I have enough money to live on and I am earning more every day. I have a wonderful life that is filled with love and connections, and most of the foot and leg problems that I had experienced over the years have healed. And, although they look somewhat like my father's feet, I have learned to appreciate the look of my own two feet. This is a good thing, considering that I absolutely hate having to wear socks!

Blessed Be

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Vanitha said...

Not only do you Stand fabulously Tall on your own two feet, but I hear you’re quite the dancer, too!

Anonymous said...

I came across some similar "programming" when I began experiencing some foot and leg pain. I read up on the ideas of Caroline Myss and what my body might be manifesting or harboring as a result of my own thoughts. I came across some connections that made sense and began working on them. Still in progress!