Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Guardian

When visiting the Devic Centre just outside of Saskatoon, my love and I encountered the Guardian of the Labyrinth. This guardian comes in the form of a white cat. This one has a personality like no other that I have encountered. He is the type that will either allow you to enter and will wait for you at the centre, then cuddle you and make dough on your body, or he will make it quite well known that you are not ready for the energy of the Labyrinth. The trick is to understand his language. When he tries to trip you up on the path, he is telling you that you are not ready. When he hisses, you are not ready. When he waits for you, you are finally ready, and he has been waiting for you for some time so it is nice that you finally got a clue and arrived to walk the sacred path of the Labyrinth, thank you very much!

It is amazing how animals will resonate with something like the Labyrinth. They become guardians and will allow certain things to happen in sacred spots while other things will not be allowed. It reminds me of the wolf that was living around the farm that I grew up on. He watched over a sacred tree that was in the middle of a clearing. When one was with pure intent, there was not problem. When one was not, he growled and made it known that you were not to enter, if you valued your life and limbs. At those times it was best to just move on and not disturb the clearing or the tree.

Ahh, nature has such wonderful ways of communicating with us, when we are alert enough to pay attention!

Blessed Be

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Anonymous said...

I think one of my fish may be picking up some of my raw energy at the moment, now that I've moved to my own apt. He's just not himself and looks sickly. I've used an antibiotic to counter "fin rot," but I think he may need to go back to my partner. It'll be interesting to see what happens. And it could be he just doesn't like the new water.

Lauren said...

I know this guy. The photo looks exactly the same as the one I sent you. Everytime I look at it, it feels like he is waiting for me to return.

Trent Deerhorn said...

Fish are such sensitive beings, Riverwolf. They take on so much for us so that we can bear the burdens of our lives and not get all toxic in the process. Give him time. It most likely is the change in the water, so extra Cycle might be appropriate as well.

Lauren, it is the same guy! Thanks for the photo. I wanted to take one of him when I encountered him, but did not have my camera with me.