Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Big Fat Indian Wedding

Have you ever seen the movie, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"? It inspired me this last weekend to call the wedding that my Love and I attended (not ours, don't worry!) "My Big Fat Indian Wedding." I had an absolute blast at this wedding. My Love's cousin was marrying the love of his life and there were people from out of the country who travelled to this event. There were relatives from New Zealand, Chicago and so on, and they all gathered for the auspicious event.

Besides being overwhelmed by trying to remember whose name was what (especially because many of them have the same sounds, just mixed a little differently) what really struck me was the variety of absolutely beautiful outfits. Saris abounded and each one was elegant and amazing in intricacy. This photo is of my Love's gorgeous cousin (yes, one of many) and the sari that she wore to the evening banquet and dance. I have actually impressed myself and my Love by remembering, as we went through the photos, most of the names and definitely the relationships that they are to each other. It is like an intricate weave of tapestry, each person being a thread that is woven in and entwined with the others, thus creating a stronger and more vibrant weave.

Did I mention the food? OMG!!!! The Friday evening before the wedding there was a meet and greet at the home of the bride and groom with Indian food that would pull me back to life from within my grave, just to taste another bite! I love the way the flavours are blended with just the right amount of spice to make it not too hot but just spicy enough to have an oral-gasm! Gotta love the left overs as well. I have also discovered that the Indian culture does deserts! I was not so familiar with any more than one or two deserts. But of course, at a wedding event, all the recipes come out and provide an array of taste sensations!

I am told, however, that in comparison to what most Indian weddings can be, this one was not so much a big fat Indian wedding as it was a small skinny Indian wedding. All I can say is....I am now even more looking forward to the next one so that I can hopefully see what big fat Indian wedding can be! I know there will be food!

Blessed Be

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