Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's a Gong Show out there!

My Love and I went to finish our Christmas shopping today. It was crazy busy everywhere. That is to be expected, I suppose. I am more used to having my shopping done by July. I like being prepared in advance. The only issue is that sometimes I spend a bit more money because I forgot what I got for whom and then purchase something else that is perfect for that person. I never worry about that though, because if it is perfect, then they will love it and the other gift as well. I purchase what resonates with that person's energy.

It is difficult, however, when you know what you want to get for a person and there is nowhere in the city that has that special item. Whenever that happens, I decide to get very creative with my gifting. I have been known to make and build things that I have seen in my mind and can't find in the stores. People tend to like those gifts even more than the store bought ones. Heck, I prefer handmade gifts as well! No, that is not a hint. It is just a factual statement.

What I most look forward to at Christmas is the Turkey dinner. I love the food aspect. This time of year I get a major yen for turkey. I also get real tired of it by the day after Boxing Day. By then I am very ready to head back to the Pizza parlour and order an extra large to go.

But I ramble. What I was really getting to, before being distracted by food yet again, was that the stores and streets are extremely busy. I want to encourage everyone to breathe and have patience when shopping and especially when driving. I witnessed some pretty crazy driving styles today, and frankly I think that this could lead us to nowhere good. Icy roads and impatient drivers are not a good mix.

Having said that, last night we were at a party at a friends house. It was a blast to sing Christmas carols and have guitar backup. Then a young fellow brought out a fiddle and played stuff that was exceptionally good. I backed him up with the drum and someone even played the spoons! Now that was just like an old fashioned Christmas!

Blessed Be
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Renee said...

When I was a child, we used to faithfully go to my Grandparents for on Christmas day. We would wake, open our gifts and then head out to their farm. It was a tiny little home, built in the 40s and about 20 of us would pile in there complete with guitars, accordians and my beloved grandfather would play his fiddle. This tradition of a huge family "old fashioned" Christmas on the farm ended 14 years ago with my grandparents deaths. Its funny, after all this time, the memories I hold dear are not the gifts and the material side of the holiday, but, that for one night, time stood still and our love and closeness seemed infinite and magical. I wish all of us THAT kind of Christmas.

avagdro said...

Thanks Trent Deerhorn for sharing.Wish you all a Merry Xmas n New Year ahead.

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Trent Deerhorn said...

It never really is about the gifts, is it? My best memories are about the people.