Friday, December 11, 2009

Look up....look way up!

In addition to the regular fantasy escape to a warmer location on these very cold days, I also find it to be quite helpful to visit the solarium at the Mendel Art Gallery here in Saskatoon. Yes, there is an excellent gift shop, and yes, there is usually a set of really funky art displays, all of which makes the journey down to the riverbank gallery worth while. The thing I have always enjoyed the most, however, is the solarium.

This has a year round abundance of that green stuff we call plant life. I like to go into the warm and humid environment and just sit there, listening to the water in the fountain and smelling the rich, fertile soil and the deeply musky scents of the plants and flowers. I quiet my mind and sit for a moment and, before I know it, I can connect with the consciousness of all the plant kingdom that is assembled there. Some of the regulars, such as the trees, are always happy to see me. Others, like the seasonal flowers, are just as intrigued by me as I am by them. When they realize that I hear their voices, they are thrilled. I ask them stuff like where they are from and they give me actual geographic information, not just things like, "A nursery in British Columbia" or anything like that, but where they as a species reside on the earth. One of them, a variety of orchid, actually shared with me that its ancestors began on another planet in another solar system and the spores drifted when the planet exploded. Some of the spores made it here and found a nice ecosystem in which to live. I found that to be fascinating. Considering that plants do not lie (they don't know how to), I had to believe it.

Sometimes they will also tell me that they need something in particular in addition to what they are also receiving in their care at the solarium. This happens very rarely as they are very well cared for. But now and then I must say that adjustments are made. In a public location, this can be challenging, but this shaman loves the adventure of it all.

Yes, plant life in the middle of frigid winter. You gotta love it. If you live around here I highly recommend a trip to the Mendel Art Gallery to visit the solarium. It puts that Vitamin D3 back into your system!

Blessed Be
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dragonfly said...

I to enjoy the solarium when I get to the city. I enjoy the soil, the plants, the energy. It wasn't till this summer that I finally checked out the art gallery

I know snow has an essence that is enjoyable but for this gal I only enjoy it on balmy days not when you are freezing parts of your body.

Trent Deerhorn said...

I so hear you on that one, dragonfly!!