Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Warm Location

On cold days like these last ones have been (-26 to -30 degrees Celsius) it is always fun to think about a nice warm location. I understand the "Snowbirds" completely. After all, although we in Canada tend to be a hardy bunch of folks when it comes to extreme weather, why would we want to hang around in parkas and snow boots if we could be sunning on a warm beach?

I do like winter. The air is cleaner and more crisp and there are no mosquitoes to have to deal with. But on the really cold days it is essential to have a place to go to, even if it is in your own thoughts. Mine is a very sunny beach with beautiful blue water rolling in. Sometimes it is a warm summer's day beside a pool. Okay, so it usually involves steel drum sounds and grass skirts on the women folk, but really, I guy's gotta have some fun!

I invite everyone out there to dive in. Go ahead! See what your warmest fantasies can conjure up for you in your mind. Let not even the sky be the limit. And let me know how it goes!

Blessed Be
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Riverwolf, said...

We're on the same wavelength! (and I hope you're doing well).

I've been trying to see if I can make a trip to the Caribbean. Seriously! Not much in the mood for Christmas this year, and I would love nothing more than to wake up in the morning, throw back the curtains and stare out into the aquamarine-blue ocean.

I'll let you know...

Trent Deerhorn said...

Oh Pleaeaeaease!!!! Take me with yououououou!