Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I have always found patterns to be fascinating. From the time I was a wee boy and my mother would have quilting bees, I have found that patterns have told many things. I now am able to see patterns in very different ways. Very early on, I discovered this thing called "Patterns of Behaviour". I was fascinated to find that there are certain stimuli that can induce certain responses in certain people. For example, if I am watching a movie and there is an intense chase or fight scene, I bite my finger nails. I do my best to not bite, but that is a stimulus that induces that behaviour pattern in me.

Patterns can tell us beautiful stories. Whether they are quilted or beaded or placed in sand with a rake, the patterns can tell us things. Blood splatter patterns can be the determining factor in solving a murder scene. Paint splatter can tell us what mood the artist was in when he or she painted the picture.

I find the behaviour patterns to be the most fascinating. For example, we have all had situations that resemble the bomb that is dropped in a Friday meeting just before the weekend when those who have dropped the bomb can then escape the wrath of the rest of the people at the meeting, then they come back on Monday morning and act as though all is well. That kind of stuff is a passive aggressive pattern of behaviour, and it is abusive.

Patterns of behaviour that are also interesting are those in which a loving sentiment is shared. For example, someone always gives you roses on your birthday. This is a pattern of behaviour that says, "I love you" and makes you feel great inside. Or how about that wonderful person who leaves love notes in unexpected places for you, or the child who always brings you a handful of dandelion flowers for a bouquet every weekend.

Yes, behaviours are patterns that speak volumes to those who are astute enough to observe and see the connections.

Blessed Be
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