Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wizards At War

When I looked at this photo of space, I saw two wizards at war with each other. It brings to mind a scene from a Harry Potter film. I also began to think about how often we not only experience but also expect conflict. I have seen this happen amongst people in spiritual communities as well. It is so unfortunate that we are, as humans, so desperate to be right, even if that makes us dead right.

A spiritual community is supposed to provide some safety for people to gather, share, and heal. It is an opportunity for participants to experience a deepening in their relationships with each other and with their God or Goddess. Yet, human as we can all be, conflict eventually arises. It is not so much the conflict as how it is dealt with that makes the world of difference. Too often petty differences between people not only escalate, but are encouraged to escalate by those around the ones with the differences. Why do we always feel such a need to take sides instead of taking a deep breath? Sheesh! That is a deeply shamanic term...."sheesh!".

I have always preferred to address things up front. That way everyone can trust that they will always know how I feel and what I think. Yes, sometimes it is challenging to address the things that need addressing. But we have to make the effort if we are ever going to grow. As my sister used to say, "It's now time to put the big girl panties on." We sometimes just have to buck up and be mature about addressing things before they get out of hand and before we lose some sacred part of ourselves. When we let things eat away at us or allow others to take advantage of us, we diminish ourselves until there is nothing left of us. Why wait for such a crisis to happen? It is so much easier to just say what you think and feel. Yes, we can be kind and compassionate about it as well. But we must be authentic and have some personal integrity in life. After all, if we have no integrity, then we really have nothing at all.

Blessed Be
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