Thursday, July 15, 2010

Natural Spell Casting

Not every spell requires a flaming cauldron. Spell casting can be as natural and simple as deciding what to think about things and choosing how to look at the world around us. Let's face it, if we get all caught up in how bad the world is, then this is the type of world we are creating. If we choose to apply positive energies to the world around us, the world becomes more positive. It all begins with the self aligning with the Self.

We have been lied to in our world. We have been told that we are not Divine, sovereign beings. We have been told that we are lowly sinners who need to suffer for our sins. We have been told that magic does not exist. We have been told that there is illusion and there is delusion and nothing else when it comes to magic. We have been told that we can only use 5% of our brain capacity and that the other 95% is a mass of Jello-like matter that just oozes out when we have a severe head injury. These are all lies. Most people don't even recognize them as lies because these thought systems have become a part of our common reality. After all, imagine how threatening it would be for the powers in our world if we all, en mass, decided to embrace our sovereignty and discard their man-made rules!

Natural spell casting actually lets go of all of these man-made rules and says, "Now here is how it is. I am at One with the Divine and I get to decide what is right for me without fear of judgement or condemnation. And what I am now declaring for myself is_________________ ." (fill in the blank.) Then with the new found freedom we begin exercising the other 95% of our brain capacity and start the process of manifestation from the other realms into this realm. It is actually quite easy and it works rather well. For example, for those who are having financial challenges, try offering flax seed into a small bowl with a prayer of gratitude each day for the many blessings that have been bestowed upon you. Declare that you are now open to receive the abundant financial flow of the Universe with gratitude and respect. As the bowl fills up, so your financial flow will increase. Things will come easier and more smoothly for you because you are now open to that possibility, guilt free! When the bowl is full, take it out into nature and scatter it to the earth, thanking the Earth for the abundance that sustains our lives on it's sacred body. Then begin to make offerings into the bowl on a daily basis once again and the cycle continues. Try it. It works.

Blessed Be
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My Kateness said...

Will do. I like simple spells the best; they're easy to fit into a day, and to remember.

Gail said...

The remembering thing again. I keep forgetting to remember. I'm sure I can place some of the blame for this compromised remembering ability of mine on my brain and the rest of my body systems being assaulted on a daily basis by medications designed to control depression. (If only I knew then what I know now... but that's another story.)
Once my body has had the time to cleanse itself of the medication and its effects, and my body finds its balance once again, my remembering skills will be sharper than ever. Until then, there's nothing quite like a good notebook and a pen!
Thanks for the flax seed spell, Trent.

Trent Deerhorn said...

Those are the cold hard flax!! Tee Hee!

Marion said...

I like this spell and will try it. Thanks so much for this post, Trent!