Friday, July 9, 2010

Nooks and Crannies

I like placing things in odd places. This crystal geode is in a crevice between the trunk of our apple tree and a large branch. Just below it is a hollowed out hole where a branch used to be. I think that hole goes right through the tree to the base because there are birds who have nested in the branch, but who enter the hole of the branch and sometimes exit the hole in the trunk. I find that to be fascinating. I like the fact that little beings can live inside of my apple tree. Somehow it gives me warm fuzzies. I also like the fact that at the base of the tree you can see right through it to the other side. Now, I don't know what this all means in terms of the physical health of the tree. I am simply enjoying the process of discovery.

Isn't that what nooks and crannies are for? The process of discovery leads to all sorts of light bulbs going off in one's head and can also lead to the invention of many other things. For example, in the hollowed out branch I used to have another geode placed, shining outward into the yard. Once I discovered that the birds were interested in the branch as a nesting place, I simply made room for them by removing that geode and placing it elsewhere. I have also discovered in this process that the birds were appreciative because, even when mowing lawn or weeding the garden around that tree they leave me alone despite the fact that they have young ones in there. They trust I won't disturb them. This beats the dive bombing that most folks experience when too close to a nest. So I have discovered that the birds appreciate simple acts of kindness and have created between us a level of trust. That totally rocks!

Blessed Be
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Gail said...

'That totally rocks!' You are one punny guy, Trent!