Thursday, July 8, 2010

Water Karma

This is a wee scene from the Yorkton area in southeastern Saskatchewan. It is the result of last week's storm that brought torrential rains and flooding to the downtown area. My water seepage seems so minimal in comparison. There are local businesses that are destroyed and homes that are totalled. Insurance companies are only covering part of what has been done because the flooding is considered to be an "Act of God". Insurance companies bug me. What the heck do we pay premiums for if we aren't going to be assisted when the unforeseen occurs??!!

I always wanted to have a car that was like an amphibian and could be driven in water as well as on land. Perhaps this would be a good thing to invest in now? Mind you, I don't think that I would want it to be like a submarine. I would not want to be underwater completely and see what all is floating around in that water with me. Yikes! Perhaps I will focus more on the boat/car/plane type of vehicle. Or perhaps moving to another planet is in order? It seems that no matter where you go something is happening with the weather. It makes one wonder what is around the corner for us and are we that messed up on this planet that the weather is so radically affected? These are just things to think about.

Blessed Be
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Gail said...

I've just been reading about Sylphs or Air Elementals, on this website - From what I have learned thus far, Sylphs have the ability to control weather, particularly thunderstorms, and that AM radio waves can adversely affect these abilities.
A small tidbit of information to be sure, but enough to make me want to go on to learn much, much more.
(I hope there's no limit to how many lifetimes a person gets to have; I'm gonna need many more after this one to absorb more knowledge and wisdom...)

Vanitha said...

Gail, I have lived many lifetimes, the official word, according to our "Deer" Shaman, is "oodles"! The real trick is REMEMBERING all the learning you have absorbed!!

Gail said...

No kiddin', eh!
I'd forgotten about remembering...
Too bad we don't get to carry a notebook from one lifetime to the next, like a compressed shadow file of our Akashic records. (I bet you all the knowledge and wisdom we gain whilst living our "oodles" of lifetimes is stored within the 95% of our brains that, for some reason [and a lame one I'm willing to bet], we are currently unable to access. Talk about yer parental controls!)
Anyone know the password or maybe a good hacker?
The arcane vocabulary of the shaman - oodles today, schmeezy earlier. I think he even used easy-peezy once, too.

Trent Deerhorn said...

I have even been known to use the term "bazoodles"!