Saturday, July 3, 2010

Stay on Your Path

It amazes me sometimes how often people allow themselves to get diverted from their intended path. We all think of our path of purpose and whether or not we are on it. Sometimes I think it is important to recognize the circumstances that are there as a test to our commitment to our paths. We will always find that there are pebbles and even rocks and boulders on the path. The question is whether we let these things stop us and divert us completely, or do we allow ourselves to stay committed even if a very slight detour is in order?

I did not always want to be a shaman. It is an all encompassing occupation at times. Sometimes it wears you out and sometimes it makes you high. For a few years I knew that I was becoming a shaman, but I also had a lot of fear about what that meant and what it would look like. I even tried to run away from shamanism only to find that it is in my DNA and I can't run or hide from it at all. Then the question was what I was going to do with it? I always knew that I was brought to this earth to help people. I figured when I was very young that this meant that I would become a doctor or a police officer. Then I realized that I did not fit into either of those modalities. Then I thought that I was going to become a minister. That lasted only as long as it took for me to ask important questions about the church and discover that there were not a lot of receptive people in the church and many of them thought that a shaman was a devil worshipper, even before they knew that this is what I had been trained in. So off I went to finish up a degree in English (thus not wasting any of my educational time) and move right along into allowing myself to gradually come out of the shamanic closet.

There have been many challenges since then and frankly sometimes I have wondered if Spirit really wants me to continue? As I have sorted things out in that regard I have noticed that whenever I have felt alone is the time that Spirit has been carrying and holding me. So each time I have become more committed to staying on my path. I hope that each of you will do the same. Stay on your paths. Don't get discouraged when things get a little rough. Just know in your heart what is the right thing to do.

Blessed Be
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Riverwolf, said...

Hello, my friend and fellow shaman! And thanks for the encouragement. I seem to have hit a snag of sorts on my path. Seems there isn't much time (or energy) to devote to shamanism right now, and my naturally skeptical nature has taken over. A walk in the woods yesterday did seem to help, however. I do know this is where I belong, but sometimes I do find myself asking, "Ok, now what?"

Trent Deerhorn said...

We all find ourselves there now and then, Riverwolf. I think that we would not be the excellent shamans that we are if we did not questions things like that.