Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rights and Freedoms

It seems that the Albany airport has some issues. I just learned from a friend's face book entry that they fired a woman for being a witch. There was apparently a long history of harassment over this. Management suggested that she go into mediation with the offending party to help settle the issues. She refused because, being Wiccan, she did not see any reason that she should have to "explain" her religion to anyone anymore than someone who was, say, Jewish should have to. EHHHEM! Is this the 1950's? Is this the 4th century AD? We do have religious rights and freedoms here in North America! It doesn't matter if you live in the states or in Canada, those freedoms are supposed to be protected. In this case, the bullying was escalated to the point of no return, mostly because management was idiotic in their handling of the situation. You see, I know that there are definitely laws in place preventing people from freely arriving at your door in the middle of the night with torches in hand and burning you at the stake. Unfortunately, these laws come into effect  after the fact. It is high time that there be laws that will actually do some good before a witch is burned. Anti-bullying, Anti-discriminatory, Anti-bullshit laws would be excellent.

 It is amazing how the word "witch" brings into ignorant people's minds fears and paranoias about having hexes placed on their car heaters and such. For the love of God, MAINTAIN YOUR STUPID VEHICLE SO THAT IT DOESN'T BREAK DOWN AND STOP BLAMING OTHERS FOR YOUR OWN IGNORANCE!! The word "witch" has many meanings.  Mostly it means "wise one".  It also has connotations of bending like a willow in the wind, meaning to "go with the flow".  Pagans and witches are simply nature observing folks who mind their own business and do most of their "worship" in the outdoors instead of in a church or temple.  My mother used to tell me that she got more Godliness out of weeding her garden on a beautiful Sunday morning than she ever did sitting in a stale church.  I had to agree.  The church picnic is something that became popular as a social event that would incorporate such philosophies without actually saying, "Better to worship in the Garden than in the House of the Lord".  It is amazing how absolutely everything Pagan has been adopted by the church in one form or another and then claimed as their own idea!  Talk about hypocrisy!  Mostly it was adopted to make the church more appealing to those who were Pagan, in hopes of converting them/us.  But it really didn't work.  What they got was a lot of fearful folks who quiver and shake in their ignorant boots at the mere mention of the word "witch".  It is not very wise of them, now is it?

Blessed Be

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Kate of the North said...

Love this entry. Too many people really do have mistaken notions about what witchcraft is, and Wicca, and paganism, and so on.