Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Frogs in Mating Season

Master Taisen Deshimaru said that, "Words are as noisy as the song of the frog in the mating season." Have you ever noticed just how much can be communicated with just a look? We often hope that Spirit will communicate to us in words that we can understand. But perhaps these would just be messages. A message is when I phone home and say, "Hey, Honey, I think I left a burner on, could you please turn it off?" whereas a communication is when I arrive home at the end of the day and caress and kiss her neck.

My partner has noticed that I don't talk that much when I'm home. That is how I am. She'll get used to it, just as I have gotten used to her beautiful voice. I enjoy talking with her and laughing with her. But she brings this out in me. It is not my "normal" way of being. Folks who see me at work often think I am a chatter box because I verbally communicate exceptionally well. But they don't see me at home. There I am more silent than anything. I like silence. Sometimes I think that if we all would just stop talking for a moment and feel the silence, we would experience the communication. That is how it has always worked for me. Spirit tells me I am a good listener. Perhaps this is why I was drawn to becoming a shaman. In the meantime, I simply enjoy the silence. No incessant croaking or chirping.

That is not to say that we don't need to verbally communicate. We just need to make sure that it isn't just the sound of our own voices that is turning us on. People often get used to hearing their own "wit" being voiced and forget to listen to others. We need to be able to say, in as minimal a way as possible, what needs to be said. Then we can allow the energies of the words to fill the empty spaces between the words and between those in conversation. That way complete understanding can be achieved.

Blessed Be


Gail said...

I recently heard a quote that went something like this: "Speak only if it improves the silence."
I like silence, too - no blaring tv's, no blaring people, no cars blaring past the door. Birds speak with their songs; children speak with laughter and screams of joy; the wind speaks in soft, breathy whispers and in loud, gusty shouts.
Hmmm, except for the laughter and screams of joy the little ones make, perhaps I just like to hear the sounds of beings other than humans and their machines after a day at work...

Trent Deerhorn said...

I hear ya! ;-)