Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Rolling Stone

Yes, we know all about it. It gathers no moss. Most of us are also familiar with the song lyrics, "My father was a rolling stone....wherever he hung his hat, he called home." I think that everyone in the world is also familiar with the Rolling Stones....who isn't? But this isn't about any of that.

This is about a wee little phenomenon called INTER DIMENSIONAL TRAVELLING STONES. Could you hear the deep booming voice over the megaphone? I received a wonderful email today from a friend who was telling me about a special stone she has that went missing and then popped up completely somewhere that she wouldn't have placed it. Her conclusion was that it was needing to tell its stories to the other stones that were gathered around it.

I know that it can be a freaky experience. But I remember not being the only one who witnessed a stone vanish from sight from the surface of the table. Right there in front of us there was a strange light that emitted from the stone and poof it was gone. The other person looked at me and asked what the heck just happened? I explained that some stones travel inter dimensionally so that they can do their work for those who need them. A day or three later we were sitting in the same place having tea when swoosh it was back there right in front of us. The lights around it settled into it and it shone with brilliance, quite satisfied with itself. I laughed. The other person shook her head in wonder.

I often have stones appear out of nowhere while working on people's energy systems. They come to us so that I might lay them on the person and let their healing energies help. Once done, they sometimes stay with me, but they also often travel back to their home, wherever that may be. I know that it is not my conjuring that is bringing them. It is the need of the person on whom I am working. There is a different feeling altogether when I conjure a stone, as opposed to when they just show up out of the blue. That is because conjuring takes a certain kind of focus and building and releasing of energy. I compare it to the difference between driving to a friends home for a cup of tea and the energy that expends in concentration and focus, as opposed to being open to your friend dropping by and then the doorbell rings and there they are, no effort on your part whatsoever.

So if stones can do it.....

Blessed Be

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