Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Give it up!

With all of the transitions that I have been experiencing in the last few months, I now find myself in a situation where I am planning the move of my office from the acreage to a space in town at the end of June. So now I am faced with the issue of where to put everything. I have a 24 foot by 26 foot area currently. This does not include the art studio where I create the Spirit Energy Portraits. The new office is, well, shall we say.........teeny tiny.

I find this kind of challenge a good one to have. It forces me to really look long and hard at what matters and what does not. Are things in my life because I utilize them? Or are they there just because I have not known to date what the heck to do with them? Can I sell some and not look back? Can I give some away and not look back? Can I throw out some and not look back?

I went through this a number of months ago in my home. Now the pressure is on because I no longer have the luxury of that home and live in a very small one bedroom apartment. So the excess from the office really has nowhere to go. Did I mention that I also have to find the space to fit the piano from the acreage into the apartment? Ya. heavy sigh.

The great news is that the team I will be working with is a group of absolutely dynamic healers and as a group we are going to make a huge difference in the healing community. The other good news is that we have, just outside my office, a very large training center space that the drumming circles will still be able to be held at. So some of that convenience is really making up for the challenge of fitting stuff into a small office space. Overall, I think that this is, once again, a very healthy challenge to walk through.

Blessed Be



Gail said...

An even bigger challenge we may all face in this lifetime is sifting through all the emotional 'junk' we've accumulated. As we begin our inner journeys, it's all this 'stuff' we've been keeping that masks our true selves. The layers pile up, one upon the other, and when we think we have no room for one more thing, something else comes along that we must find room for. So we stuff it in with the rest of the junk, mashing it down, compacting it. After awhile, everything is so tightly packed that no light gets through, because we've finally succeeded in creating a secure wall we can live behind, 'safe' from the onslaughts of the cruelties of this world. What isn't realized during the building process is that once the wall is completed our true selves have no outlet for expression, no connection with others. If the process isn't reversed, if we don't wake up and 'clean house', we are in for a lot of lonely days,
lonelier nights, but most of all, we are at the mercy of our fears, all those things we built the wall to protect ourselves from in the first place.
Manifest yourself a hammer and start swingin'!!

Trent Deerhorn said...

Hi Gail,

I am dedicating the song "Sledge Hammer" to you!