Monday, May 26, 2008

The Temple Speaks

I have been away for a while now doing some work in Alberta. I met so many fabulous people on my journey. I am overwhelmed with the hospitality of my hostess and the depth of friendship that is formed not only with her but with her family and friends and members of the community. My gratitude is deep and the honor I feel just knowing these folks is huge.

Every time I meet new people I become so aware of the many different forms that people take in this life. Some are tall and some are not, some are thin and some are not, some have blond hair and some do not, or if you are like me you have no hair at all! We choose such interesting temples in which to house our souls and through which to allow our spirits to express themselves on this physical plane. I think many people in this realm don't even consider the fact that we actually participate in the process of creating our physical temples. We sometimes write this process off as strictly genetic. In doing this we miss out on the opportunity to recognize ourselves as co-creators in the universe. Although we need certain DNA in order to have the right form to live on this earth, we also have the stuff that flows in between the DNA strands. This is the spirit stuff that can't be seen with a microscope. How do I know it is there? Because I have seen it when journeying through my body and the bodies of others while doing healing work. The fact that it can't be seen with the naked eye or with a microscope doesn't mean that it does not exist. After all, no one has actually seen an atom. And look at what we already know about those little critters! The fact that we know they exist allows us the opportunity to communicate with them what we need them to do. Medical science uses this technology all the time. Unfortunately this technology is also used at times to create destructive things such as atomic bombs. The trick is to have responsibility and ethics in what we create.

So when we are creating our physical well being, we have to take responsibility for it. We don't do all that well if we expect someone else to do all the work and we just have to sit there and continue the poor habits that led to our illness in the first place. We live in a culture where popping a pill to remedy a symptom is the norm. The problem with this norm is that it is slowly killing us. The more conscious we become of what is healthy for us, the more co-creative power we can attain. The more co-creative power we attain, the more good health and well being we can manifest.

Blessed Be



Gail said...

I've heard it said that the spaces between all the bits and pieces that go into creating a human body are far greater than they appear, like the distances between galaxies in our universe and beyond. Then in your blog you state that our spirit stuff flows between every cell, molecule and atom that makes up our bodies. I would also guess that this spirit stuff is flowing between the spaces within each one of these cells, molecules and atoms.
So, if human bodies - and everything else in the manifest world - are made of mostly space, and the spirit stuff flows within that space, then it's easy to make the assumption that our spirit bodies, albeit invisible to the human eye, make us who we are, and not our physical bodies. And what beautiful 'bodies' they are! So fluid and colourful, and capable of things a human mind can't even conceive!

Trent Deerhorn said...


You got it, Pontiac! And here is another thing. Because the space between the stuff that makes up the cells and atoms is the same as the space between the galaxies, then we can, just by turning our attention to it, travel anywhere in the universe with the blink of an eye! Or should I say, the "blink of an I"?