Monday, May 5, 2008

You Deserve It!

Why is it that some people, when asked what they would like for their birthday, or for some other special occasion, will say stuff like, "Oh, I don't need anything." or "Nothing special, it really doesn't matter that much to me."? I think that there are perhaps a number of reasons, two of which occur to me immediately. One is that the person's self-worth is in the toilet. Why should it not be something special. YOU ARE SPECIAL! Otherwise we would not even ask the question. And since when does a gift on a special occasion have to include something you NEED? That is just too practical a way of looking at life. Why not live a little and have something totally frivolous? After all, it is your birthday/anniversary/graduation day/mother's day/father's day etc. I know that a lot of people have difficulty with the "hallmark" holidays. Personally, I have never seen the sense in celebrating love only on Valentine's Day. But really, if someone thinks you are special and wants to do something nice for you but doesn't know what would be "appropriate", give the poor sod half a chance and come up with something. So I have designed a list of things that are frivolous and fabulous that anyone can use for answering such questions:

Hot Air Balloon Ride
Day cruise in a Mustang Convertible
Dinner out
Help to paint any room in your dwelling
A month of maid service
A day at the Spa
Did I mention Chocolate?
Jewelry is always good
A day spent visiting and doing fun stuff (for some it would be watching a movie and for others it would be spending some time at an art gallery etc)
And there is always chocolate.

So I hope that this helps anyone who doesn't know what to get someone and that it helps anyone who has someone ask them what they might like. I am sure that you can add to the list some unique ideas of your own.

Then there is the second reason that occurs to me. That is the one where folks play games just to see if someone will actually put themselves out and come up with something on their own. This is sometimes necessary, but if someone actually takes the time to ask the question of what you might like, then playing that game is just cruel and basically rude. So don't do that.

Blessed Be


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