Thursday, October 1, 2009

Getting Stoned

I have had a couple of lifetimes in which I have come to my demise through the process of being stoned to death. This is a very slow, cruel and brutal way to die. It took a few lifetimes for me to learn to obey the rules or, at the very least, not get caught not obeying the rules. I guess that I have always been the type who would push the limits and hopefully encourage others to do so as well. Now, there have been many lifetimes in which I have been killed or died in strange ways, such as getting eaten by sharks or alligators and the like. I have worked out my fear of water that stemmed not from the water itself, but from the big bad creatures that were in the water. It really is all a process. What I have wondered about here and there is why I have not developed, considering the number of times I have been stoned to death, a fear of stones and rocks?

As I was helping a client to begin the process of communication with rocks and crystals, it suddenly dawned on me that it was never about the rocks! They have always been my friends. In fact, the ones that were used to stone me to death were screaming "NO!!!!" as they were flung through the air at me. I knew that it was not their desire to be put to such a horrid use. So my fear never was about them. My fear was about the mobs of people who put them to use in a way that would harm another living being. Is it any wonder I don't really like going to concerts, raves, or shopping malls? Now that I know what is behind my discomfort about these events, I am going to be able to work it out much better. I always thought it was just because hoards of people stunk. Perfumes and body odor sometimes overwhelm my olfactory senses. Now I understand that en mass they can be dangerous, these things called humans! So off I go now to heal that part of past life traumas and I am sure that before you know it I will be up on stage in concert leading throngs of people in rhythm and chant! Well....maybe.

Blessed Be

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Vanitha said...

OH! I want a front row ticket to that event and I will come bearing gifts of stones, but they will be beautiful rocks and crystals.