Friday, June 18, 2010

One Step At A Time

Being from the Butterfly Clan and thus one who tends to multitask, I often expect myself to always be able to take quantum leaps here and there and everywhere and always land perfectly. Most often this is true. There are many times, however, when I find myself juggling way too many balls and end up dropping one, two or many more. I am a driven shaman. I admit it. I have this thing within myself that is nasty. It is called "perfectionism". It is what often drives me to accomplish more than I have so far, which can be very good for me. It is also, however, what burns me out. When I get burned out I will either become ill as all the emotional stuff physically releases (which doesn't happen all that often because I have an impeccable immune system), or I suddenly find myself with huge amounts of time on my hands and nothing with which to fill it.

I have, over the last few weeks, had many backyard projects on the go and many social engagements and lots of get-togethers with my daughters and many tasks to be done around the house and a business that I run and so on. Suddenly, it has become quiet. I have decided to take advantage of that. I am getting things done that I have not been able to get to for a while. For example, I delivered an order of my Candle Magic candles to a local store today while I had a break from work. I know that this is also "work", but it is a change and a task that has been niggling at me for awhile now. I have also, over the last week, rearranged my counselling room. It is much more functional. Have you ever noticed how you have to be in a space for a little while before you know exactly how it should be arranged to suit your needs? That was me. Now it is much better. You may have also noticed that I have been blogging more of late. I have actually had time to do so!

So instead of feeling stressed about the extra time I have on my hands I am relaxing into it. I am not demanding that I change my life just so that I am busier. I am taking it all one step at a time. Heck, I was even able to create a new workshop today that I will be presenting in July! It also feels like this is a bit of a lull before a storm of events coming up, the likes of which I am currently unaware. I know that I am going to be crazy busy in the next while, so I am appreciating the time I now have to do things like mow the lawn before I need a swather to accomplish that task. I am also taking more me time. I am meditating more, having lunch with friends, enjoying a cup of coffee in my sacred outdoor space, and allowing myself to relax in a tanning bed a couple of times a week. I find this type of nurturing to be extremely beneficial. I think I will now book a massage.

Blessed Be
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My Kateness said...

You're spoiling yourself -- but not rotten, as the saying goes. Sounds good.