Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Welcome to my garden!

I think that every garden needs to have a balance of functionality and whimsy.  After all, what would life be without a wee bit of whimsy here and there?  Boring is what.  My Love and I have designed our garden to include things such as flowers, garden boxes in which vegetables and flowers can grow side by side, a rock gathering space with a fire bowl and citronella torches for evenings when the mosquitoes arrive.  It is where we gather for drum circles, hot dog roasts and generally to entertain by the fire at night, and if  the weather cooperates it will be where I have my Elemental Healing Workshop in July! (check out the website below for details)  I love the calm of the evening fire as much as I enjoy the bright colors of the flowerbeds. 
I find it too confining to limit the garden to just a section of flowers and then a section of vegetables etc.  That is why you will find on the other side of the flower bed, amongst peonies and delphiniums  some planted potatoes.  Yes, there is a potato plot at the very back that will be bordered with giant sun flowers when they grow, but if there is space to put something, even if we dig it up later for food, then that is where stuff will grow.  The fairies and devas tell me that this is a perfectly natural way to garden.  After all, in nature you won't find just elm trees growing in a perfect row with nothing else amongst them.  You will find a smattering of everything. 
The arbor is crowned with deer antlers to honor the spirit of the Deer, who also guides me.  Then you will find stone plaques of things like "Welcome to my Garden" and a mosaic of the Sun, a conch shell and solar powered lights that glow and change color at night.  It is a magical place and I love caring for it and enjoying the serenity of it.  When we allow ourselves to be limitless in our creations we end up with a perfect blend of functionality and whimsy.  I will take more photos as things grow from seeds to full foliage and share more with you as we go.
Blessed Be
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Vanitha said...

What a lovely and sacred space - makes me yearn for another blessed gathering there SOON!

My Kateness said...

It's a-gonna be perdy!

Gail said...

Looks like you've got some 'gardening by the foot' goin' on in those boxes framing the rock gathering space.

Kate said...

You've created another beautiful space! I love the way gardens morph over time--keep up posted! --Kate