Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Sound of Music

When in Montreal, I was captivated by the sound of music in the street. I had just left the Hyatt Regency Hotel and was immediately entranced by the style of music that this violinist was playing. I can only describe it as totally funky and haunting at the same time. He had some pop music playing on a sound track and was accompanying it with the violin, giving it a strange, otherworldly feel.

He was set up just outside the Museum of Contemporary Art. I was on my way to view the display there and had to simply stop, stand and listen. Yes, I threw him some moolah and told him how talented he is. I wish I could remember his name, but there was just so much happening that weekend that this is one piece of information that has slipped away. It could be the early onset....but then it might be.....wait a minute....what were we talking about? Oh, ya. Music.

This was in such sharp contrast to the display inside the museum. Now, I have to admit, I should have known by the name of the building "Museum of Contemporary Art" that this was going to be a bit of a trip. There was one display of nice paintings where one could actually tell what it was supposed to be. The rest were over priced pieces that looked like a squiggly line on an otherwise blank canvas. Not my cup of tea. There was a display of glass which looked like a dining table set up with ornate crystal, all lit with bulbs inside the bases of glass lanterns, as well as a chandelier made of every size and shape of crystal glass, starting with the largest of Red Wine Goblets at the top and spiralling down to the smallest of shot glasses. This was all very pretty and stunning with the light reflecting off the glass. It appealed to the parrot in me. Parrots are notorious for liking shiny objects. That is me. I like the sparkly, shiny stuff. The rest of the displays were a vast disappointment of everything from stick figures to BDSM to a film of a poor animal being slaughtered in a slaughtering house. That last one made me sick to the stomach and I left. I have learned that contemporary and art are most often a contradiction in terms, much like the phrase "country music". At least I came away with the experience and with knowing more about what I really enjoy and what I really don't enjoy. It is all affirmations and life lessons indeed!

Blessed Be
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Gail said...

Hey Trent - Isn't the attraction to shiny things also a trait attributed to the crow or raven? My daughter-in-law once called me a crow when we were in the Metrotown mall in Vancouver, when I commented, 'Oooohhh, shiny,' and stopped to look at whatever it was that'd caught my eye.
What's frustrating is when I can see light glinting off something shiny in the distance but I can't get to it because it's so far away and I can't fly...yet.

Trent Deerhorn said...

Yes it is an attribute of those birds. I have crow medicine as well. Perhaps it is a combination that makes it so appealing....?