Monday, June 14, 2010

The Tower of Babylon

I gave some of my empty boxes to a friend of mine the other day. She is planning on moving sometime in the future. This tower is the current application of the boxes as created by her two grandsons. There are many other boxes than what is in this photo, but it is a work in progress.

Since the beginning of time humans have wanted to build things bigger and higher. The Empire State Building is a fine example of this. To reach the sky seems to be the goal. I find it interesting that mankind seems to think that to reach the sky means to build a sky scraper. I don't think that building structures that scrape the sky is bad. I just think that we need to also look at what will make our souls fly!

I think the kids have it right. Take a bunch of old boxes and build a tower fort! This allows the creative juices to flow like crazy, which only leads to broader and more expanded thinking. After all, the mind is supposed to be used to catch ideas and work with them. Once the mind closes, all reality becomes limited.

My invitation to everyone is to find something creative to do with old materials that can be reused. Just the other day we (this very same friend and I) used the bricks from the fire pit that we took out of my yard as the liner for the garden and rocks that houses the new fire pit area that we built. Old materials used in a new way is just a small part of what can save our dear planet.

Blessed Be
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