Monday, August 23, 2010

Every Step You Take

Only the most sexually secure man can allow his toe nails to be painted. Enough said about I just have to mention that we are not this I am not referring to all "metro sexual males", but to all people. Every step that we take and every move we make (sounding like a song from the 80's here) is observed. It is not at all like the stalker syndrome that the song seems to be depicting. It is more about the natural forces of the universe.

We, as humans, seem to think that when we are alone we are actually alone. I know that I am not alone in my back yard, even if I am the only "person" there. I have the fairy realm beings and the plant kingdom and the animal kingdom there with me all the time. My yard and garden have a consciousness that far exceeds just people. I try to step gently upon it all and leave as little a carbon print as possible in general. I have a huge respect for nature. That is why I am so fortunate to be able to have my postage stamp piece of it to live in and for which to care. I feel honored that the yard and garden respond so well to my care and that they give back to me so much in terms of food, beauty and serenity.

For those of you who are just awakening, or who have been awakened for some time and are just living in an apartments or some place that is a little removed from nature, I encourage you to get out into a park and sit, walk, and commune. Take your lunch out there because the food always tastes better with the fresh air. Walk barefoot in the grass, even if it is wet with rain or dew, and thoroughly enjoy the sensuality of it. The experience will ground you, uplift you, nourish you and feed your soul.

Blessed Be
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Vanitha said...

Barefoot on freshly mowed grass...AAHHH!

Gail said...

When I was in my yard this weekend, I took photos of some of the flowers growing in my planters - petunias, begonias and geraniums. I was adjusting the light and shadows of one shot of a petunia I'd taken that looked right down its velvety purple throat. When I reached a point of lightness that revealed I had gotten a passable bee's-eye view of the inside of the flower itself, an unexpected image was also revealed: a fairy, looking back at me. I gasped in amazement and awe. I feel so honoured and blessed to have seen and captured such an image.
Here's the public link to my album on facebook containing that picture.