Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Last Threads

I know that it is different in other parts of the country, but I feel a wee bit like we are hanging onto the last thin threads of summer here in Saskatchewan. The radio announcer actually sounded delighted when she told us this morning that it was going to be a whopping 21 degrees C on Saturday. Mind you today and for the rest of the week we are in the mid to upper mid teens in temperature, so I guess the excitement is warranted.

Sheesh. I don't like to complain, but those three whole days of summer temperatures that we had numerous weeks ago were just not enough! I heard a joke a few weeks ago:

There is this guy who dies and is in line at the Pearly Gates. He notices Satan grabbing people from the lineup and taking them over to another line. There, Satan throws some of them into the fires of Hell and tosses the others into another line. So this guy tip toes over to Satan and gently taps him on the shoulder. Satan bellows, "Whaaaaaat???!!!" The man says, "Excuse me, Mr. Satan, sir, I was just wondering why it is that some go into the fire and some do not?" Satan replies, "Those ones are ready for the fire. The others are too damn wet....they are from Saskatchewan!"

It has been wet here. So much so that our potatoes and tomatoes have developed Blight, which is a fungus that eats the plants and rots the fruit. So we picked the potatoes that we could and the tomatoes that we could and bagged the rest and put them into the garbage so the Blight doesn't spread. What a waste of time and energy in planting and nourishing a vegetable garden. At least the flowers are not too damaged. We can, that way, have some time to appreciate some of the beauty of nature, even if we have to do it with our rain coats and parkas on!

Blessed Be
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