Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Magic and Technology

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Arthur C. Clarke.

As a friend of mine once said, "Science is the magic that we do understand and magic is the science that we don't yet understand." I find it amazing how people get so hung up on "technology" and "science" when what they are actually looking for is what is familiar. If something is in their comfort zone, then it is completely okay for anyone to use it or do it. Imagine what people would have thought in the 1940's if they saw folks crossing the street and talking to themselves as they chatted on their cell phones, or driving down the street talking to themselves on their bluetooths. Oh, and try even just warming something up in the microwave. What about what people would have thought of even the care instruction labels on the inside of clothing back in the dark ages! Those would have been sufficient evidence for someone to be burned as a witch!

Technology is there to help create convenience in our society. It is also beginning to finally be used to create healing. Yet the fact that it is "commonplace" does not negate the miracle that it is, for example, to someone from a third world country. We think that we have it made because of all the technological conveniences that we have. But what if, for example, there was a global disaster and suddenly all electricity was wiped out? Where would we be without lights and heat? We would also be without water because the water doesn't just come out of a tap when we turn it on, it also has to be processed through the water treatment plant which....wait for it RUN WITH ELECTRICITY! Well, that would be okay because we could light candles. My question is, with what do we light them? Most people utilize butane lighters instead of wooden matches. Are your lighters full and stocked up? Are your wooden matches? Where do you think you would get them if they weren't and there was no electricity? The corner store? Nope. In a jungle in a third world country they would not even notice that the electricity is gone. It is not a part of the daily magic. They are much more self-sufficient than we are.

So technology can been seen as magic. But what about when magic can be seen as technology? I grow some herbs in my garden. These herbs can be used to heal. How I use them and what I use them for could be considered "folk remedies" or "magic". Some would "poo hoo" all of that, but it is this technology upon which the synthetic drugs that are promoted in commercials are based. What about when dream walking is used by someone to help someone else to heal? This would be definitely considered magical, yet it is some of this technology that is the basis of covert military operations. How better to control your political enemies than to mess with their minds?

I prefer to keep all the magic on a positive note and utilize it for the highest good of all, and according to the free will of all. That way no harm is done and healing can happen. There are some who make up all sorts of reasons and excuses as to why they can bend the rules this one time. I think that before one acts one needs to definitely contemplate all the ramifications and find the action that will match with the positive outcome, not just match one's personal desires.

So I guess that my invitation to all who practice magic in the traditional sense or in the technological sense is this...think long and hard before you act. And always remember the fact that the world is filled with insta-karma!

Blessed Be
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Gail said...

'Insta-karma' - is that like laughin' at someone who just tripped over a crack in the sidewalk and took a header and then the same thing happens to you right after?