Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Need for Speed

I find that Go Karting is a perfect way to release one's need for speed. In fact, I think that I now have both my daughters hooked on it. Considering that one of them is learning how to drive in the fall, I hope that this won't be a problem later on! I do find that when I get off the go kart and get behind the wheel of the car there is a definite adjustment period. It is lessening as I go. The first time I wanted to race everyone on the street! Now I get over it if I walk around a wee little bit and then get in to drive. I let it all go and the adrenaline rush is done by the time I leave the parking lot.

Last weekend my niece, my Love and I took her son and our daughters to the go kart track. I discovered that it is just as much fun to cheer them on as it is to race. I also had to laugh at some of their expressions in response to my cheering and hip hop moves on the bleachers. I figure that if I mortify them often enough I will then be able to feel good about paying for therapy later on in their lives!

Seriously though, it has taken 14 years for me to introduce them to speed. Have you noticed the little yellow kart in the upper right side of the photo? Ya....about 4 years old. What is that kid's parent thinking????!! I mean, I know that I am an enthusiast, but really!

I think that it is the desire for most of mankind to go farther and faster. This is in sharp contrast to the need to slow down and take it easy. The key here is to know when to do which one. I would, for example, never go kart in the evening. That would give me a rush that would keep me awake all night. I would also not just sit around "om"ing early in the morning. That is my active time. It is important to get to know your own rhythm and to adjust it where it needs adjusting. I have worked in jobs where I have needed to go like crazy in the evenings. This completely threw off my personal rhythm. I quit the jobs. When we are in relationships that demand that we perform at a time of day that we are not naturally able to, then we are compromising our personal well-being for the relationship, which will, over time, destroy the very relationship that we are wanting to preserve. Relationships are not always about the need for speed. Sometimes they are about the need to relax and enjoy. Even in passionate connections, we need to be able to relax with it a savour every moment of it, not rush through it like it is the Indy 500. Get to know your rhythm, but also get to know your partner's rhythm.....without judgement or condemnation. Respond to it with love and understanding and you will find that your relationship will grow deeper and more loving than you ever thought possible.

Blessed Be
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Gail said...

Our mortal lives are over in a blinding flash of light as it is. While we're in our mortal state, perhaps the adrenaline 'rush' we get from speed is actually connecting us, for the briefest moment, to how we experience life at the higher vibrational level of Spirit?

Trent Deerhorn said...

Could very well be. Perhaps that is why when I "travel" it is in the blink of an eye!