Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Baby It's Cold Out There!

Wow! That was a cold one! This photo, taken and face book shared by Shumon Khan, says it all really. So icy cold that steam rises from EVERYTHING in sight. I know that I am a Saskatchewan man, but when it goes from -10 last week to -38 this week it is a wee bit much to take. Yesterday the windows on my car froze up. This would not be a problem if I was not at the Tim Horton's Drive Thru window. I had to step out into that bitter cold to pay for the coffee. So last night I turned the furnace in the garage on (something I only ever do for workshops and drum circle gatherings) and left it on overnight. This morning it had dropped to -38 and the garage was still only at +14. Wow! I had it set for +21. Well, at least the car thawed out. Tomorrow, when it warms up to a whopping -27 I will turn the furnace off, but for now it is set for +11.

I actually ended up cancelling my tanning appointment this morning. I figured that whatever tan I would get in 10-20 minutes would freeze off in 30 seconds, so what's the use in even going outside? Then I saw the most horrible thing.....the snow blew in on my driveway. I had to go out to clean it off for foot and car traffic. Ugh. That, I must say, was the FASTEST I HAVE EVER CLEANED THAT DRIVEWAY/SIDEWALK OFF IN THE THREE YEARS WE HAVE LIVED HERE! But when I got back inside, bundled up as I was, it still took another hour for me to be able to find my scrotum! At least I know that this particular function of the male body still works....LOL!

Blessed Be
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Gail said...

I agree - these temperatures are insane! Roxy's paws start to freeze in less than a minute when she absolutely must go outside and it's painful for her to walk up the steps and across the deck to get back into the house.
Winter can bite me, but that's a given once I step out the front door!