Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Soft Voice

Most people tell me that I have a "soft voice".  That is why I do so well in talking people through meditations. I have, however, always been unimpressed with my voice.  It has always seemed to me to be a wee bit less than what I would want in a man's voice.  I like deeper, more baritone voices.  Me: soft and tenor.  That has always equated to "weak", which is part of what people intuitively pick up on as being "pushable" and so often will think that they can get away with whatever because they think that I can be bullied.  

Here's the thing...I am a very peaceful man.  I have, however, learned that if one tries to push me around and step on my toes, I usually pull out a blade to slit a throat (Figuratively speaking, of course).  While the blade comes out, I also suddenly have a booming voice.  Why that voice can't be there all the time in a nice deep baritone I don't know.  So I guess smooth rocks and candle light is the way my voice is on average and then avalanches and forest fires is how it goes when I am irked.  

My voice in the morning, however, is, shall we say, seeeeeeeeeexy!  Deep, gravelly and full of all the erotic innuendos that any romance novel can describe.  That is why I only create my phone message manager announcements IN THE MORNING!  I wouldn't want anyone calling for the first time to hear a wispy voice and expect that THAT would be who would help them on their healing journey!  Nope.  People like to feel confidence around them and within them.  So if you phone me and hear a voice that you don't recognize as mine, that is why.  It is just good public relations.....and manipulation of the media with which I am working!  LOL! 

Blessed Be
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VibrationalV said...

You, Deer Shaman, have a FABULOUS Voice! It is perfect for deeply guided meditations, sexy when it's most appropriate and always terrific when singing! "Wispy, weak, push-able" I think NOT, but when you choose it to be, you can certainly scare the bejeepers or demons out of a soul! Yes, you have a wonderfully effective voice, and you use it so well.