Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Home Spa

I love things that are serene. To me this photo is indicative of those aspects of serenity. The flames of the candles represent the Spirit, the stones are the groundedness of the earth element, the metal container is the sleek peacefulness of the experience, and the darkened room is the Divine Feminine in action all around us. Ahhhhh......

Although this photo is not from my home, I do have a home spa. A nice large jet tub with lots of plants and stones and candles around it with a bathroom that is decorated in an underwater theme. When I run the water in the tub (the only one in years in which I have been able to be completely covered by the water!) I sprinkle in Baking Soda and Sea Salt. Then I pour in a few ounces of Holy Water and then add the Shaman Sphere to the mix. The Shaman Sphere brings harmony into any environment. Then I light a candle and incense, turn off the lights and immerse myself in the luxurious experience of the warm, healing waters of the home spa. You would think that with this available at my fingertips every day I would dive into that experience more frequently than I do. I allow myself 2-3 times a week for this. Any more and my water bill would skyrocket! The tub also has temperature control, which is nice because it keeps the water at body temperature for as long as that switch is on. So although the water will cool down slowly, it doesn't go lower than the temperature of my body. This is magnificent! Ahhhhh....

While I am in the spa tub, I will meditate, contemplate, pray and chant and do all sorts of fun stuff. Whatever spirit moves me to do is how it will roll. This is MY TIME and it lasts as long as I like and I can do and express whatever I wish. It always feels so much better when I am done. Even if my day has been beautiful in the first place, I still feel even BETTER.

Blessed Be
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