Friday, January 20, 2012

Year of the Dragon

According to the Chinese calendar, we are, on the 23rd of January, entering into the Year of the Dragon. I found this photo on Google and thought to myself, "Self," I said, and I knew it was me because I recognized my voice, "This is the Chinese Year of the Dragon AND it is 2012, the official beginning of the Age of Aquarius and the beginning of the Divine Feminine this photo is PERFECT for your blog!" And I agreed with myself about that. So there it is. Two lovely dragons are joining together, forming the symbol of the heart. Cosmic dust forms a ring around them and Universal Light radiates just behind them, giving the illusion of it emanating from where their heads join. Wow...that was poetic! Sometimes I am really good at this writing thing!

2012 is NOT the end of the world. So let's give that a rest, shall we? Okay, now that that has been set straight, I just want to say that 2012 IS the end of the world, AS WE KNOW IT. This is the time when we get ourselves as a mass consciousness out of our heads and back into our hearts. No more privileged 1%. It is now the time when the masses are recognizing their own sovereignty and their individual divinity, and that of others. This is an EXCITING time! It is not a FEARFUL time. Why do so many turn to fear? From the beginning of time the world has been "going to END!"....yet we are still here. The planet has not blown up. The earth has not opened up and swallowed us whole. Meteors have not bludgeoned us from the heavens. Lightning bolts have not struck us dead (although one almost did that to me years ears are still ringing...). Angels have not descended upon us with fiery swords to strike us down where we stand. Demons have not emerged and taken over our planet, making us their minions to control and manipulate (oh, wait a minute...Wall street..... hmmm.). Nonetheless, WE ARE STILL HERE!

I think that it is important for all of us, and each of us, as a people, to STOP FEAR MONGERING OUR KIND! Open to the JOY! Open to the LIGHT! Open our hearts and allow ourselves to be LOVED! Allow ourselves to have compassion for our fellow human beings and allow ourselves to open our hearts to these fellow human beings. And while we are at it, how about we take the ear buds out, stop tuning out our friends, family and world at large, shut off our stupid iphones and stop texting others while we are physically with someone else, and start paying ATTENTION TO WHAT IS GOING ON AROUND US RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW?????!!!!! Good LORD! How are we supposed to CONNECT with others when we are freakin' ignoring them?? That is just stupid.

A lot of people have been telling me that they have been noticing things moving out of the corners of their eyes. I am here to tell you, "WELCOME TO MY WORLD!" YES! There are others around us all the time. Yes, we can communicate with them. But we can't connect if we are tuned out. Stop fearing them. Start allowing communion to happen with them. They have a LOT to share with you, with us as a people. It is time we opened ourselves to their presence and stopped trying to say that we or anyone else who notices them are just having a mental breakdown. Do you think they JUST ARRIVED??? If so, give your head a shake. They have been here for a very LONG time. Those of us who are sensitives have known that for eons. But now, NOW, the veils are thinning. The more we allow our own consciousness to perceive them, the more of us WILL perceive them. This is the state of AWAKENING. It is not to be feared. It is to be embraced. With love and trust comes growth. That is one of the universal laws. So allow yourself to grow. Don't fight it anymore. That only creates pain. There is no point to that. Simply allow.  It is safe to do so...

Blessed Be
Trent Deerhorn
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Grandma Penny said...

Last night, in the middle of the night when I got up there was a distinct fragrance drifting through my home. Since I don't use any fragrance I realized there was company. I will be vigilant to see if my visitor comes again.

Gail said...

Most Excellent and Most Eloquent! Thank You!