Thursday, June 12, 2008

Flow vs Control

My partner said to me last night that "In order to get in the flow, we need to let go of control." Brilliant!! So I wrote that down right away. It was at whatever time in the wee hours of the morning that she said this. So considering the last time I did not write it down and forgot it by the time morning came along, I thought that I would write it down. Still sounds profound to me.

So often we are desperately trying to control the things and people around us just to feel safe and secure that we get completely out of the flow of the universe. So I woke up this morning and saw that the weather is really kind of nasty and went through about 5 minutes of self-grumbling because I now have to wear pants instead of my summer shorts, and then it hit me! Like a ton of bricks it was! I don't need to be put out by the weather because I don't need to control it in any way! As a shaman I am trained to influence the weather, yes, but I don't have to! And I don't have to do that in order to have a wonderful day no matter what the weather may be! Whew! One less thing for which I need to be responsible!

So now I can get on with having an excellent day and I can do so no matter what the freaky weather is doing! I hope all of you out there are able to do the same.

Blessed Be


Gail said...

Letting go of control is one scary proposition, especially when one has been taught to always maintain control - of our thoughts, our emotions, our feelings, our diets, our money, and on and on and on. I'm learning that when I do get into the flow and let go of control, whole new worlds open up that are far more interesting and amazing places than the physical realm and are populated by far more intelligent and entertaining beings! There are, however, the "odd few" beings on this Earth I've met, whose acquaintance and friendship have enriched my life here - and you know who you are! And, I plan to contact a lot more of you as I follow my path!

Trent Deerhorn said...

I also find it amazing how so many traditions encourage us to control our egos. Well, if we are striving to do even that, then we are still being control freaks!

Krymson said...

The most beautiful, scary and profound things have happened for me while learning to let go of all that control business. Worlds get bigger and bigger it seems. I've become detached to that excessive garbage of being responsible for injustice, bad weather, pain, stupidity, etc. Rather, if it should come to me heal those things, then hell yeah, I will, and most happily. I know that I go about each and every day doing what I can for me and those I love in the best way possible. That is, loving without attachment. No control...or at least, trying my very best not to....and just being.