Friday, June 13, 2008

Zen Gardens

As I was waiting for my Google account to kick in and let me into my blog (high speed my behind!) I was casually stirring my zen garden sand. The container is a beautiful square dish that my daughter made in her pottery class. I always feel warm and fuzzy when I see it. Inside the dish is a bunch of sand from Maui that I received from a dear friend who was my daughter in a past life. The shells I received from a friend who was my father in a past life and is now a good buddy of mine, and the stone is a petrified chrysalis that connects me to the ancient times. As I stir the sand I find that I am taken to a deep place within that is very peaceful and not at all concerned with appointments, taxes and traffic. It gives me a sense of well being that is matched only with receiving a healing treatment.

It is amazing how simply stirring a bit of sand can completely shift your consciousness. And then I am made very aware of the outside world once again as the blog site pops up on my screen. Then poof! there you all are and I am ready to write once again. Try a zen garden. You might like it!

Blessed Be

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Gail said...

Every time I see a zen garden in a store, I want to stop and play in the sand with the teeny tiny rake. I've thought of purchasing one every time I see it in a store, however, putting one together sounds like a fine idea, too.