Friday, June 20, 2008

Love and Sex

I can't believe how often people differentiate the two! Yes, one could have sex without love. But why? Yes, one could have a "romantic" love without sex. But why?

Sex is something that is sacred, good, godly and healthy. Adults often forget that they need to play too. We are programmed to think that the only folks who are allowed to play are kids, and this would only be if they aren't too busy doing assigned homework (a stupid concept), running to various activities in a "keep them busy" mentality, eating or sleeping. So when does anyone, child or adult, ever get to just play???? Oh, ya, that would be on the two weeks of vacation time. Sorry, but that is not enough play time. No wonder people die young! They don't have any life force left inside of them to sustain their sacred temples (bodies).

The Creator gave us sex. We were given gender for a reason. This determines what forms of pleasure we experience. This does not determine what orientation we are "supposed" to have, just the forms of pleasure. Yes, the Creator gave us sex as a means of procreating. But we were not given sex only for that purpose. There are plenty out there who are unable to procreate but are still able to enjoy sexual pleasures. Sex was given to us as a wonderful means to play and experience pleasure and connection with one another and with the Creator.

It is my personal recommendation that a practice of daily sexual activity be incorporated. DAILY!!!??? Yes, daily. We are not creatures who are designed to just turn off a switch and not go back into that room for days, weeks, months or years at a time. We need to visit the room daily. This way our sexual energies (the largest amongst all human energies) are well lubricated, well utilized and strengthened so that they can support all the other energies throughout the human form. will help your complexion. ;-)

Blessed Be


Vanitha said...

I've been told I'm "glowing" as I notice a decided improvement in my complexion, but I have a very hard time restricting the flow of this sacred source of energy to just "daily" or to one "Room"!

Gail said...

So, if sex improves one's complexion, does mean Olay, Cover Girl and Revlon have been lying to me all this time?!?!?!

Vanitha said...

Yes Gail, they have! It's part of their big "Cover-Up"!!