Wednesday, June 18, 2008

That Jazzy Jedi Thing

The learning is never completely done. There will always be something else to yet learn. So why do some of us freeze up and look like a deer caught in the headlights when it comes to learning something new? I think it is often because to learn something new is yet another form of change and change requires some transition time. When we allow the transition to flow, we learn more swiftly. When we resist it, we become rigid and lack what it takes to do the learning. Then all our insecurities come out.

Why do I have to do this? Why are they making me go through this? Don't they know my way is better? This is how this was always done for the last 20 or so years, so why change it all now?

The thing is, as I have said many a time before, change is inevitable. The growth part is optional. But there are some things, such as changes in or work place, that require us to grow and flow with it, or else we end up in search of a new job. Not that a new job is a bad thing, so long as it is by our own choice.

I am fortunate enough to both be self-employed and to require very little in terms of technology to do my job. So I don't have the stress of learning a new computer program after just mastering the first one. But there are some changes that require my learning curve to activate. For example, with my new circumstances I have had to find a new place out of which to work. Now that this change is in place, I now have to adjust my fee schedule so that I can cover expenses. This change then ripples to clients who have to adjust to affording a fee hike. And let's face it, I am still not paid entirely for what I am worth. I don't know who is, really. But all the change requires more "spare change" and some adjustment on the parts of everyone involved.

The undercurrent of stress involved in any change or transition can cause some grief. I highly recommend Walnut in the Bach Flower Remedies to help with such things. A few drops into your water glass can certainly take the edge off of the transition stress. It will also help you to sleep better at night, transitioning you from wake to sleep time, and then into dream time.

So the learning never stops. That is something that every Jedi warrior has to understand. This also keeps the Jedi warrior's ego out of the equation when it comes to having to learn something on the spot. Without all the "I can'ts" and "I don't know hows" in the way, the learning comes easy schmeezy!

Blessed Be



Vanitha said...

"May the Force (or in this case "Source") be with you!

Gail said...

"Schmeezy"!? Hey Yoda! Quit climbin' the walnut tree lookin' fer Jedi warriors and explain the meaning of this word to those of us yet to be initiated!

Trent Deerhorn said...

Not to be confused with "sleezy", the word "schmeezy" comes from the ancient and little known language known by scholars as "schlang". It is often incorporated into the well known document known by the title of "THE BOOK OF TRENT", which is written , edited and updated quite regularly by a celebrity shaman known as Trent Deerhorn!

The meaning of the word "schmeezy" is related to the word "quite". So you can actually be schmeezy good looking!

Sheesh! A guy makes a simple schmimple comment and all the women in his life have to jump on him! Hey! That is actually a good deal!

Gail said...

Schlang?!?! That's wilder yet than schmeezy! Oh, arcane shaman, git yer face outta them tecknickel -type mystical tomes 'n start talkin' Kinadian, eh!?

Trent Deerhorn said...

You should at least capitalize "Kinadian", eh?!