Thursday, June 5, 2008

Just be Koi

On the wall above my computer I have a painting that I did about 3 years ago. It is a painting of two koi fish in a pond, looking down upon them from above. The title of the painting is "Just be Koi." I like playing with words. There is so much double meaning in the title.

I titled it that way as a reminder for myself. It reminds me to not try to be anything that I am not. Like the koi in the painting are just being themselves, so must I just be who I am. I had someone recently ask me to not do any magic in regards to a situation. I found this an interesting concept because to ask me to not do magic is like asking me to not breathe. It is a part of who I always have been. I am a magical being. I can't be a non-magical being to save my life. Yes, I have addressed this with the person, and we will see how this plays out as we go. But the concept itself has me shaking my head. So instead of just being coy about it, I have decided to address it straight up front. I think that honesty and being in the now and addressing things in the present is extremely important for any healthy relationship.

Let's face it. Who really has the time to hold onto stuff and carry it around wherever we go? That just seems way too exhausting. And I don't like the idea of weighing myself down so that I am unable to move freely or breathe. I am an Air elemental. I need to breathe and have the space to do it. So if I were to not address things right away, I would not be able to have that space to breathe because the emotional energy would be cluttered. I would also not be honoring the friendship between the other person and myself.

Always make space and always make peace whenever and wherever you can.

Blessed Be


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