Sunday, July 27, 2008

Color Coordination

There are some out there who tend to think that it should not matter what you look like or how you dress in order for people to respond positively towards you. I used to think this as well. Then I realized that I had gone through years of not really feeling worthy of nice clothes. I felt guilty if I spent any money on myself whatsoever and channeled all that energy towards making sure there was a roof over my family's heads and clothes on their backs. It should have been clothes on our backs. And any time that there was some money spent on clothing for me, I was racked with guilt and some remorse that I should spend that on me instead of on someone else. During this time, I also found that there were some around me with similar political ideals about fashion. But these folks tended to dress down so much as a response to good fashion sense that they began looking and, dare I say, smelling like vagabonds. I felt that it was one thing to have old clothes, and quite another to not at least wash them!

So now I find myself back in the game of fashion coordination. Colors either go well, or not. And I am not willing to wear something that doesn't look good. So my clothes closet is going through a major overhaul. I am not talking about spending thousands of dollars to be a clothes rack. I am talking about simply looking sharp and feeling good about myself again and knowing that I deserve to look good and dress well. Some people have never had this as an "issue", but I have and so I am going to resolve it promptly.

I write this as I am preparing to go shopping at Walmart. Okay, okay, I know that it is not the best place on earth to shop. But there are some things that I cannot get anywhere else for as good a price and I refuse to spend more than necessary for those things. But getting ready to go there reminded me that I am dressing to look good, even if it is just to go to Walmart. There are no longer any occasions where I am going to allow myself to look anything but good.

And I have found that clerks and bankers and total strangers on the street are responding not just to my attire, but also to my energy. This is now an energy of self-respect and self-worth. I like having it and I certainly like being treated as such. So go ahead and treat yourself! Buy that nice shirt or shorts or pants or skirt or whatever the case may be. Don't overcharge your credit card because that would be stupid. But don't convince yourself that you aren't worth the investment in good clothes. I know from experience that this is a depressing path to journey upon.

Blessed Be


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