Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Original Shaman

Did you know that the original shamans were artists as well? It is true. Shamans of ancient times would go into trance as they painted the figures of animals on the rock walls of their caves. In this trance state, they would "tune in" to where the animals were grazing. They would then let the hunters know where to go to find the herds for hunting. It was an ancient form of achieving a GPS coordinate. Considering that we all survived the ice age, I am pretty sure the system worked well.

In modern times, shamans like myself don't have to actually do that sort of thing. Yes, we purchase our groceries at the store like everybody else! Imagine that! But art still plays an important role in the work that I do as a shaman.

When I "tune in" to a person's past life, for example, one of the ways in which I do that is to start drawing them in that past life. As the portrait unfolds on the paper, the details of the lifetime also unfold. When I do a Spirit Energy Portrait I "tune in" to the person's aura, chakras, past lives, power animals, spirit guides and so on, and then place them strategically into the portrait as I paint it. There are also other images that, over time, emerge from within the painting. These images give me messages as well.

I find that even just stirring sand or sugar can put me into that trance state of consciousness, as does looking at a glassy surface such as water or ice, or a crystal. I think that once one catches on to how to access that part of the brain, then the brain takes every opportunity it can to exercise that muscle system within it. Stirring my coffee can do it, washing dishes by hand, brushing teeth, and, when I had it, washing my hair. Life itself becomes a meditation that allows me to channel whatever I need to whenever I need to in order to get the messages from Spirit through to me or others. Having said that, I am needing to be very clear that I don't want crowds of people in the bathroom while I shower! Pllllllease! Remember, I don't have hair anymore!

Blessed Be



Gail said...

The other day I was watching the clouds. When I looked out the front door of my house, I saw a cloud shape that looked like a right hand and a forearm. The index finger was pointing up and the rest of the fingers were bent. Later, as I looked out my kitchen window, I saw what appeared to be a rabbit at the base of a tree, with taller weeds in front of it, effectively hiding it from view. I have sensed the Cloud People while cloud watching, too. They let me know they are watching and are pleased with what they see.
It's very cool!

Trent Deerhorn said...

What sort of sacred medicine are you using? I think I might like to try some!

Gail said...

Beats me what to call it. I just looked up into the sky to observe the clouds when it was the time to do so. I was positively amazed at what I was shown and what I felt. Contact with the Cloud People is a tingling sensation that quickens my heart and excites my senses. Coincidence? Why, yes it is...