Thursday, May 14, 2009

Balancing Act

Life can be a balancing act. When we most think that we are going to fall or drop a ball, we have an opportunity to discover an inner stillness that allows us to become at one with everything that we are juggling and balancing in our lives. My daughter decorated me with these beads one day. It may look easy to keep them all on the points upon which they were placed, but it actually takes a lot of concentration. The only way I could do it was to go within and simply become still on an inner level so that the outer level could remain perfectly still. The beads were not just on one side of my face and body, but both. That was total fun. I know, small things amuse small minds. But it is in the experimentation of these little things that we discover basic truths about life. I was unaware, until that moment, how good I am at physically balancing stuff. It is a sensory overload to have so many beads placed in so many locations and to be able to keep perfectly still.

In doing this I also discovered a part of my psyche of which I was unaware. This part of my psyche is the part that completely, and I mean completely relinquishes all control. That may sound strange considering how much control there appears to be needed in order to do this balancing act. But the relinquishing of all desires to not drop a bead was the only way I could do this. I had to allow the beads to decide for themselves what they were going to do. In allowing this process to be what it was going to be, my body relaxed into it and allowed the balance to be achieved.

Cool stuff!

Blessed Be
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