Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Admit it. Now and then it is completely okay to indulge. This is partly a birthday wish for a family member who, when my Love and I phoned to sing her "Happy Birthday", mentioned that it has been a very loooong time since I have blogged. So, my adorable R, this one is for you! Sorry it took me so very long, folks!

I have a special desert that my daughter and I made yesterday. It is called Pistachio Surprise. We absolutely love this desert. No, it doesn't have chocolate in it, like the birthday cake in the photo, which, by the way, looks just ever so yummy! It has ice cream and pistachio pudding and cinnamon and a graham wafer crust. Right now, as I write, it is waiting for me to dive in. I decided to dish it up and let it warm a little bit before consuming it. Considering that it is after 10:00pm while I am writing it, I also have the benefit of having it not count in terms of calories, because everyone knows that calories only count if it is before 10:00pm.

I seem to have this Pavlov's Dog response. I can feel my mouth watering as I frantically type this so that I can get finished before it all melts away. But then I have this "Spock" theory that even if it turns to a melted mush, it will taste just as good out of a glass as it does in a bowl.

So, you may ask, what is there in this prattling that is in the least bit shamanic?

Well, we shamans are the types who know the true value of indulgence. We tend to eat with the seasons, changing the form of indulgence with each turning of the Wheel of Time. Thus, we have a multitude of indulgences from which to choose. We truly know how to par-tay! Considering how mild mannered we tend to be, this comes as quite a surprise to many who think that they know us. Suddenly this wall flower becomes a party animal and really knows how to have some fun! But that is the purpose of life. To live life fully. This comes as quite a surprise to many. But really, the most fulfilled folks I know are those who are able to kick back and have some fun on a regular basis. Nope. No solemn stick in the mud acts here. Just pure, unadulterated fun!

Okay, that's it. I can wait no longer. The desert is calling....

Blessed Be

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