Friday, May 15, 2009

Stop Apologizing!

When we experience fortuitous events, we sometimes encounter envy from others. This sometimes causes us to diminish, degrade and disqualify our good fortune in order to make them feel more comfortable. We often find ourselves apologizing for the good fortune. How silly is that?

First off, we need not feel guilty or unworthy of our good fortune. Our good fortune is a given. We can simply accept it and continue to weave our way through this thing called life, with great gratitude for what we have.

Secondly, if others feel insecure enough to try to shame us for our good fortunes, then this is their issue, not our own. They need to have a more healthy attitude in regards to their own worthiness, which will then resonate with the universal flow and attract more good things to themselves. We will all then have cause to celebrate their good fortune as well.

We are all in charge of what decisions we make in life. These decisions lead to outcomes. The more positive we can be in our weaving, the less entangled in negativity we become. Yes, junk happens to people and this is not to say that they are always in charge of the junk that comes their way. Our own free will can get blindsided by someone else's free will more often than not. But we are less likely to experience this blindsiding effect if we allow ourselves to focus on the goodness in our lives. And then when the blindsiding happens, we have better tools with which to deal with the event. So let's weave something positive today!

Blessed Be
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