Saturday, May 30, 2009

Take Care

I have learned something in my many years on this earth walk. When someone says to me, "Take care" I now slow down and proceed gently. My response in my youth used to be, "But I'll also take a chance!" I was such a smarty pants.

Then life happens and we are confronted with the cycles of the Wheel. In a very short period of time four members of my family died with various forms of cancer. Each time there was a different medicine that I acquired as a result of the experience. But each time also taught me that life is way too short. We can't just blast through it and expect that we will be okay. As we are blasting through we usually find ourselves crashing and burning.

I do like to be adventurous and experience change, so please don't get me wrong here. After all, change is the only thing that is constant in this world. We do, however, need to take time and just savour the moment. My Love and I had a dear friend over for a barbecue last night. As we sat and talked on the back patio, I realized how relaxed I felt. I had not really taken time to slow down in days. This was a definite message to me to get my life back in order so that there is more relaxation time. Work is busy, which I very much enjoy because it means I get to help people on their paths and I get to not worry about money for a while. Home is busy settling into a new house and working on making the yard and flower beds our own. Seeing my daughters a couple of days a week is exciting and full of activity. But in all this there was no opportunity to simply relax.

Sitting outside, listening to the birds and enjoying the blossoms on the flowers and good conversation was exquisite. I am definitely going to do more of that.

I also experienced the concept of taking care yesterday during a healing that I was receiving. Some of the issues from past lives that came up created a painful tightness in my body. My Spirit Guide whispered in my ear to, "Take care." I slowed down my heart rate and my breathing so that my good friend, who was facilitating my healing, could do his work more easily. I could consciously feel my decision to go gently take effect as the tightness immediately let go and the energy blockages began to release. A feeling of "Ahhh" went through me, even though the subject material was difficult.

I like to use this approach with clients as well. Proceed gently and slowly and take care to do more good than harm. I prefer when the person guides me as to what they are ready for and when they are ready for it. That way we can allow the process to unfold with a gentle grace. A tree like the one in the photo can take over a hundred years to grow and flourish. It can't do so if it experiences a harshness or abruptness in life. That slows down the growth process. We need to think of ourselves more as we think about trees. Stay deeply rooted, with lots of sun and rain, and allow the leaves and blossoms, if applicable, to unfold naturally.

Take care.

Blessed Be

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Penny said...

Thanks for the words of wisdom Trent. I have been feeling guilty when I slow down these days and enjoy my yard because there is so much to do. I get caught up in the adventure of life and forget about looking after me. After all it is the season of renewal and rebirth. A gentle reminder is a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Yes, wise words--why don't we heed them more often? I did take some time yesterday to simply sit on the deck with my partner and watch the fireflies come out.