Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Guiding Light

I know. It sounds like a soap opera. But now and then we need to be reminded of the fact that there is a light that guides us. The waters can get stormy at times, and on a cloudy or foggy day or night, we need that light house shining its beacon so that we can find our way home.

That guiding light can be in many forms. I find that my Love is a guiding light for me. When I begin to feel lost, she is able to remind me of my own light within. My office manager is another guiding light. She is able to help me with some of the office work load that would otherwise bog me down. And she does this for not only myself, but for everyone at the Aquamarine Healing Centre. I have teased her about making herself indispensable. Truly though, how are we as healers to do our jobs if we are bogged down with the mundane office stuff? I treasure her abilities, which go far beyond doing my books.

Another guiding light is that which I see in my daughters' eyes. They are both so different from each other, yet they are truly an inspiration for me. My eldest is smart way beyond her years and is able to bring a graceful quality into everything she does. My youngest is bubbly and full of life and reminds me to laugh and to play.

Then there is the guiding light of Spirit. Spirit speaks to me in my dreams and in my meditations and gives me the visions of the many aspects that I need to know about in order to do my job as a shaman. Over the years I have developed a solid relationship with Spirit. I find that this is what helps me through the difficult times but also brings fulfillment in the other times. I truly appreciate my connection with Spirit as a guiding force in my life. It keeps me humble and on a clear path.

So many lights it can become blinding!!

Blessed Be

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Penny said...

Thanks. It is a pleasure to assist you. Like Riverwolf's comment in your last posting I needed to hear what you had to say today. Gosh, you are batting 1,000!! Keep up the good work.