Friday, May 8, 2009


"Focus on your potential instead of your limitations." Alan Loy McGinnis.

So often we as humans end up limiting ourselves before we even take the opportunity to consider the possibilities. I know someone who has 5 daughters. He has always raised them with a "Yes, I can!" philosophy. Each of them is a university graduate and professional in her own field. When I heard him say that he raised them this way, I thought to myself that I want to be that kind of a father. So I took that on as one of my personal philosophies. That way it would be easier to transfer it to my offspring. I think that, so far, I am doing a good job of it.

I think that it is false humility that causes us to think things like, "Who? Me? No, I couldn't possibly..." Humility comes from the core word "humus" which means "of the earth". It has nothing to do with not being worthy or able. I think that unworthiness and inability are concepts that can be left to the Christian Church. Hopefully not all of the Church's followers will personally adopt it. I know a few who haven't, so there is definitely some potential there. To be humble is to be grounded and centred.

We need to have an adventurous spirit, like that child who is determined to climb that step, even though she has not yet learned to balance well enough to walk a few feet. Who cares if we can walk? We can climb! How else are we to figure out what is on the other side of the room, the other side of the wall, or the other side of the ocean?

Blessed Be

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Gail said...

The word 'potential' speaks to me of forward movement, power, drive and positive action.
Thanks for this post Trent!